10 Affordable Self Care Items You Should Absolutely Get!

The importance of Self Care can never ever be overemphasized! It is paramount for self-love, self-improvement and overall quality of life

That is why I am bringing to you these self-care items you should get for your self-care needs.

If there is one thing we should make a habit of, it is self-care. We have this habit of running on our reserves and then when we break down, we ask ourselves what we did wrong!

Well, you, we did everything wrong!

Running on reserves without refueling. Seriously? Who does that?

We all do!

We can get so caught up with the hustle and bustle that is our everyday life and then forget we are humans and not computers.

The last time I checked, even computers break down.


Story of our lives.

Well, you all know I got your backs anytime, any day. 24/7 and I don't fail (erm, okay, I've been incognito for the past weeks. It doesn't mean I forgot you all. How can I?).

That is why I want to share with you these all-time favorites self-care items you should get for your self-care needs.

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I gat you. You know me!

What are Self Care Items/Products?

Before, we talk about self-care items you should get for your self-care needs, let's know what self care items/products are!

Self-care items are essentially items and/or products that you can use to take care of your self, care and pamper yourself.

They have the ability to take away stress 11 Ways You Need To Overcome Stress, invigorate you, boost your self-confidence, enhance your health, re-align your energy with nature, center you, enhance focus, boost productivity!

And that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Who doesn't want some Self-Confidence Boosters when you are running on low batteries?

Realigning your energy with that of nature is one of the great benefits of investing in self-care items! You get balance, you get centered and are able to focus on the important aspects of your life.

Now that we know self-care items equals balance and productivity, let's get to the big reveal!

10 affordable self care items you should get for your self care needs

1. Bath Bombs

If you haven't joined the bandwagon of using bath bombs, now is the time to join and reap all the benefits of bath bombs!

You get to choose from fragrances like Mango, coconut, strawberry, green tea, and the likes.

Soak up in the bath, inhale the fragrances, get out and you smell heavenly.

Voila, instant self-confidence booster!

Here are varieties to choose from on Amazon. Easy peachy shopping!

2. Scented Candles

I have a thing with candles! You can call it candles fetish.

People over here at my corner of the world don't do this a lot so when people come to my apartment and see candles in the living room and my baths, they give me some crazy ass looks!

Sounds funny as I am writing this. I have been known to do some eccentric things and to some, my love for candles is one of them!

Scented candles relax me. They give off this ambiance that I cannot explain. You need to indulge in it to understand what I am talking about.

They not only have the capacity to relax you, but they also fill your apartment with scents you will absolutely love!

Give these ones a try and tell me about your experience!

3. A Journal

Journaling is something I believe everyone should do. There are several reasons why you should own and keep a journal.

A journal helps you ''document'' your thought processes on a daily basis. When you write stuff like this down, it helps you identify positive and negative triggers.

That way, you avoid stressors and embrace positive vibes more. The result is more productivity, Creativity and enhanced focus.

Another reason you should absolutely get a journal is that it helps deal with anxiety, depression and improves your mental health.

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Another thing you can use a journal for is for writing affirmations that resonate with you. 

If you are looking for inspiration on affirmations, look no further, I got your back!

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Check out these Journals for just about every budget! No excuses!

If you are looking for prompts to help you on your journaling journey,  Pinterest has everything you absolutely need!

4. Home Spa Set

What wouldn't you do to have a home spa set? You don't have to pay top dollar to relieve those muscle aches and kinks.

From exfoliating to skin polishing, a home spa set got you covered.

The beauty of it is, you get to use it again and again.

You save money and reap all the benefits you get when you go to professional Spa.

I told you, I got you covered!

Shopping links? Right below! For just about any budget!

5. Foot/Pedicure Spa

You get home from a very tiring day. Legs are swollen from sitting or for standing for long hours.

Tired to the bones and you just wish if you could put those legs in a warm bath and just soak them for minutes or hours.

Oh, what a relief that would be!

Imagining it alone takes away some of the stress and then it really happens because you've got one of these beauties at home!

Your feet will not only thank you, but your body will also thank you especially when you have some Epsom salts to throw in!

Go right ahead and indulge. Pamper yourself. Stress be gone!

You get to have feet that are so smooth that boo can't help but indulge in some foot fetish.


6. Self Care Books

You all know I am big on Self Improvement and Personal Development. It is why I started this blog and I wouldn't be doing you all good if I don't throw in some self-care books in this list!

You can never go wrong with learning and learning is a huge part of self-love!

How can you practice self-love and self-care if they are not a part of you?

You cannot practice them if you always put every other thing before your needs?

Want to get out of your own way and stop sabotaging your needs and wants?

Read and learn art!

These are the two best books to start.

7. Self Care Item: Love Your Skin Bundle

You know how you all feel when boo reaches out and then you remember you haven't shaved for days.


And you want the lights out and when and if he wants to touch you on a particular, you stylishly hold his hands and take it somewhere else.


You run around. From work to the house. Then you probably need to cook and/or take care of kids...

Then you forget yourself. You forget to take care of you.

Get shaved and be all smooth.

You need to take care of yourself too, darling! You matter too!

Don't get so caught up you forget to pamper yourself!

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You need a body care bundle at home for the rescue any single time!

Amazon has just the best to offer!

From body scrubs, body oils, facial care, moisturizers, and others, you've got your whole body covered!

Go on and indulge. You deserve it!

8. Self Care Items: Acupressure Rings (All Under $10!)

When I was researching for this blog post, I saw these beauties and fell in love!

If you have never used them, you absolutely should!

They are massagers for your fingers. You can wear them after a long day typing on your computer, doing house chores, running around, hiking etc!

They work by relieving your fingers and I don't know any better item you can use to achieve this!

My Amazon picks for acupressure rings are all under $10!

Imagine that!

 9. Yoga Set

You remember how I said that self-care centers and balances you at the beginning of this blog post?

One way to achieve that balance is by practicing Yoga.

From improved flexibility to a balanced metabolism, increased muscle strength and tone, improved cardio and circulatory health, these are many more are the benefits you get from Yoga and why you should practice it.

Like seriously, who wants to miss out on all those benefits!

Get you these Yoga set beauties and get your game on.

Centre and balance.

Remember that!

Someone, get me these beauties! I need to get my Yoga on!

10. Self Care Guides

For everything you do, you need a guide.

Something that will ''push'' you in the right direction

To show you the ways, whys, and hows.


You need a guide. These guides are just what you need to take you on this journey.

To show you why you should not only embark on this journey of but why you should stay on it.

So there you have it self care items you should get for your self-care needs. Which ones are you getting and what else do you use?

Hit me up on the comment section and gist me. You know I love hearing from you all!

Oh and by the way, if you are one of the guys following my blog, make me proud and get these items for your boos. I promise they will love you more because they would be convinced that you have their backs!

You all have a beautiful October!

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