No. Friday Blues Is not Equal Monday Blues



I keep saying Friday blues is not equal Monday blues! That is why I hate Mondays.

You know that feeling you get when the alarm goes off on a Monday morning? Compare it with your feelings when leaving work on a Friday.  yeah, I know. No Friday blues is not equal Monday blues!

I know you do too but just pretend all is fine

Mondays are such a tough day for me and I think virtually for almost everyone lol.

That is why I always insist Monday blues is not equal Friday blues.

Hear me out and maybe we can both finally agree we all hate Mondays.

Fridays, we all go agog with sighs and ohhhs and ahhhs, celebrating with #tgif, #friyays hashtags and memes across all social media platforms. Friday blues starts seeping through Thursdays evening.

We are slowly going crazy and looking forward to the end of Friday's activities especially those of us who are still crazy enough to hold 9 to 5 jobs! Entrepreneurship is key to financial freedom! We are getting there gradually and lots of blogs will be dedicated to the issue of financial freedom in the near future.

What am I even saying? Financial blogs are already trending!

Now back to my gist. I hate Mondays. I know you do too. No need pretending haha. When it is Friday, there is this palpable relief.

graphic showing reasons I hate Mondays

It is like we all are holding our breaths from Monday through to Friday, not "really breathing the way we ought to breathe. We are "living" but not really living.

You Mean It's Just Thursday?!!!

Wednesdays, people especially at workplaces all around the world, are already looking forward to Friday. We are hoping Thursday will just fly in somewhere and land in Wednesday we so we could hurry it along and herald Friday in!

Pic of a Monkey depicting Thursday humour

Image Source: Pinterest

Thursdays, anticipation is tending on the high side  (on a scale of 1 to 10, it is 10.9999999 lol) and the craziness is already literally seeping from people's "pores". We want to hurry on Thursday along! You are wasting too much time hanging around Thursday. Can you be gone already? We need space for Friday to stay when it arrives! Our whole body is humming. We are "eyeing" boss man. Saying to ourselves "don't worry, amma getrarout here tomorrow and you can't do natin!


It is Friday People! The Big Party Is Here!!!

A dog meme happy its Friday but I hate Monday

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Then Friday arrives. The way Friday comes does not matter in any way. Blazing through the sun, peeping through dark clouds, dancing in the rain.

No Sir. It does not matter. All we know and care about is that Friday has come and now we can "unhold" the breaths we've been holding all week! Yeah!

We love Friday blues. Friday blues are those kinda blues that make you all warm like the soulful ballads of Michael Bolton and Marvin Gaye. Thank God it is Friday!

Friday is one big crazy party, people go crazy, weekend getaways being planned across the globe and I tend to believe that more mistakes are made on Fridays than all the other days put together! Then we "sun" our teeth like Mr. Happy Dog here! I get that Friday blues a lot like Mr. Happy Dog I tell you.

Fridays, after work, we go home. Happy! We want to put our feet up, sit on the couch for long hours. Watch our favorite soaps on TV.

See Jon Snow slay the undead (If you are a fan of GOT, you know what I am talking about) and Annalise Keating carry out legal magic to get away with every crime under the sun and then sleep off on the couch.

If you are lucky, you get woken up to go sleep on your cozy bed or else you crash on the couch. Friday was gone. Fridays could mean clubbing with the boys and girls. Hitting one joint, crashing another joint into the wee hours of Saturday morning. Friday was gone. Already!

The Saturday Loving & Scramble

The euphoria from Friday blues takes us to Saturday. Saturdays for me are for doing the laundry, grocery shopping, visiting the hair salon for a new hairdo (thank you, I do my own manicure and pedicure at home with DIYs that I have perfected so, I am not giving anyone a dime to get my feet washed. Haha

Right! Well, I do get it done sometimes at the salon. Sigh

Then meal prepping for the coming week. So on Saturdays, if I am lucky it is either a combination of laundry, meal prepping and hairdo, grocery shopping, and meal prepping. On the Saturdays, that are bit***, I will have to do all of that.

Looking "put together" is a must for me. I have to have my hair done even if the timing isn't convenient. I'll go to every length to get it done (i just discovered wigs are in the new thing now. I may invest in that.

But, I don't like wigs but love braids instead. So much so, I did a blog post about My Craze For African Braids

Now imagine a Saturday as hectic as that.

Then on Sunday, I go seek the Lord's face because He is the one that has always had my back, through thick and thin, the good and the bad.

He is my Personal Person and His grace keeps me going, opens doors and brings favor. So you see, I have to be in Church on Sundays.

I lost my faith somewhere along the line. A story for another day people!

Did, I mention that I also do meal prepping on Sundays too? I can't cook everything on Saturday of course! It'd be stressful and to avoid STRESS, you have to break huge tasks down into smaller ones.

How Can It Be Sunday Evening?!!!

After all, said and done on Sundays. It's evening. Sunday evening.

We all try to pack in as many things as we can do during the weekends and then we are not really refreshed by Sunday evenings.

Weekends where we are supposed to be relaxing, chilling, chilaxing (relaxing and chilling at same time lol) and sleeping so we could "fuel up" for the week ahead, we use it shopping till we drop (all the babes get in here. We all are guilty lol!), clubbing, doing one too many things while thinking and hoping that we would still have enough time to rest well and then a rude sound wakes us up the next day.

Of course, it's the alarm. 5 am Monday morning!

Meme of a Frog playing guitar

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I Do Hate Mondays! Yes, You Hate Mondays!

Imagine a collective sigh by everyone at every business and workplace around the globe, sounding the same time. A sigh bordering on mild despair and total resignation. That is the feeling of Monday blues.

Unlike Fridays, how Monday arrives matters. If it is blazing through the sun, we want to dodge it. If it is peeping through the clouds, we wish for a magical blanket to cover the clouds so Monday wouldn't have a chance to come through and if and when it comes dancing through the rains, we just want to stump the hell outta it!

Funny right?

Monday blues! Imagine Busta Rhymes doing an RnB number. I reckon that's just how Monday blues sounds like. Monday blues reminds us of how we spent our weekends. Monday tells our "bodies" instead of "us" that it has arrived.

Forgive me, Busta! I do love you!

No. Friday. Blues. Is. Not. Equal. Monday. Blues.

Meme of a cat depicting how we feel on a Monday

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Friday can you come again already? I am not ready for Monday yet! Haha.

Did, I hear someone second that? Let's get chatty. How do you spend your weekends and what does Friday blues and Monday blues mean to you?

Be a part of the conversation!


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