71 Powerful Self Confidence Quotes To Inspire Your Inner Bad Ass!

Quotes are just so inspirational, I just can’t help but share these great 71 self-confidence quotes with all my queens! Like we say in my little corner of the world, ”what would I gain if I don’t share these great…

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Role Models For All Your Skin Problems

From cellulite to acne and pimples, we have all been plagued by one skin problem or the other but it is only us. There are roles models for all your skin problems Let’s get something out of the way right…

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3 Genius Strategies That Will Have You Feeling Capable and Confident In no Time!

Genius strategies for feeling capable and confident in no time. Anyone? Confidence! It’s easy to look at others and think they have buckets of the stuff. While simultaneously feeling as if our level is a little low. However, the good…

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Boost Your Confidence With These Four Tasks

Boost Your Confidence With These Four Tasks! The way your brain functions is key to absolutely everything in life. We obviously know that the brain controls it all, but each brain acts differently. Some are completely calm, quiet, and composed.…

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Why Body Image Isn’t Everything

Please Save For Later! Why body image isn’t everything?  There has been a surge of celebrities recently telling us that we should embrace our cellulite, not worry about our extra pounds, and stress less about our bodies. The only problem…

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