Why Body Image Isn’t Everything

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There has been a surge of celebrities recently telling us that we should embrace our cellulite,
not worry about our extra pounds and stress less about our bodies.

The only problem with this is that these celebrities are beautiful, slim and have the most stunning complexions known to
humankind. This can make their words seem hollow if they’ve never had to worry about body
image in their lives.

For the everyday woman, body image issues are real. But should they be?
Why can’t we embrace our wrinkles and flabby arms? Read on to find out why body image isn’t

Our Face

Faces are the first things that you are confronted with when meeting people for the first time. It
can be difficult if we have unusual facial features that don’t fit into the beauty stereotype.

Those people with larger noses or a wart or two on their forehead are well within their rights to go to a
cosmetic surgeon to get them fixed. What gives a beautiful celebrity the right to tell them

This goes beyond body image and is linked to self-esteem and confidence. If you
have crooked or buck teeth that didn’t get sorted when you were younger, braces can be an
option for you even in adulthood.

How Invisalign works is that clear aligners are custom-fitted to
your teeth to straighten them out over a year or so.

Forget train tracks, these are invisible.

There is nothing wrong with corrective procedures, but there’s also nothing wrong with feeling
comfortable with your look.

We Are More Than Our Bodies

Being beautiful certainly gets you far in life.

Those women with brains and traditional beauty probably will get higher up in their careers or be able to take on a creative profession more easily.

However, everyone has their body demons, it is how you deal with them that counts.
Some of us know that we are more than just our bodies.

We don’t define ourselves by the way we look or how much we weigh. We can be short, fat, skinny or tall, but we can also be amazing at playing the piano, a black belt in karate, and fluent in three languages.

Our personality, sense of humor and skill set to count for so much more than our looks in the wider scheme of things.

Embracing Our Bodies

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be slimmer or wanting to tone up. This is well within our
control and we can hit the gym and change up our diet whenever we want.

The will power needed can be immense.

However, by being proactive, you are in control of certain aspects of your looks. If you want to change, you can. Some people choose to embrace their bodies.

While not the typical idea of beautiful, plus size models exude confidence and attractiveness through their work. They are happy and content with their body image and it shows when they hit the catwalk.

Just because you aren’t a size two doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful!

Work on yourself, and your confidence and your body image will become less important to you!

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